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Utility Drawings

A utility patent drawing is designed in order to showcase the functionality and protect the design of the invention. It is a key aspect of defining the complex structure of the invention and as such plays an important role in the patent application.

In most cases, the more complex the invention, the more it is important for the drawings to be clear, simple and accurate. 

Few of the requirements are as follow: 

  • The drawings must be in black and white. 
  • The scale of the drawing must be 2/3 of the size of the reduced illustration.
  • The drawing must contain the application number (if applicable) and the inventor’s details like name, address, invention’s name and identification. 
  • Avoid superimposing.
  • Although you can use symbols, it is advisable to avoid solid shading.
  • The drawings must be labelled correctly and correspond to the claims.

As the utility drawings define and visualise the claims of the patent, it is important to adhere to all the requirements of the USPTO and other regions’ patent offices. Hence, in order to avoid any objections, it is always advised to hire a professional who specialises in patent drawings and understand the requirements.

Design Drawings

Design drawings, as the name suggests, are used in Design Patent applications. Since the subject is about the designs, it is integral that the drawings be created in a way to help visualise the patent on to the viewer. 

In order to get the right drawings, one always recommends making use of drawing engineers who are well versed with the requirements for Design drawings stated by the USPTO, EPO and other regions’ patent offices. 

USPTO states “the drawing disclosure is the most important element of the application. Every design patent application must include either a drawing or a black and white photograph of the claimed design.” As the drawing contains the whole visual revelation, it is utterly most important that the drawings or pictures be clear and complete.

Some of the requirements for the Design drawings are as follow: 

Design patent drawings must show the following required views:

  • Front
  • Bottom
  • Front
  • Back
  • Right
  • Left
  • Perspective

It is advised that the views and visualisation must be consistent and showcase any or all of the subtle aspects of the invention.

The drawing should be provided with appropriate surface shading which shows clearly the character and contour of all surfaces of any three-dimensional aspects of the design

Replacement Drawings

Patent offices can and do reject many patent applications due to multiple reasons leading to the action being called ‘Office Action’. However, one of the prominent reasons is error in patent drawings attached to the application. 

This in turns leads to giving extra time to the patent and responding to the patent office with new or modified drawings while also appending the previous rejected drawings. These new or modified drawings are called replacement drawings. 

These modified drawings are submitted with the words “Replacement Sheets” in the top margin. These drawings must also include all the previous drawings along with the new or modified drawings. 

Hence, it is of uttermost importance while actioning the OA that the drawings be submitted correctly in order to avoid wasting extra time, money and resources. 

We at The Patent Expert can help you with all kinds of modifications to your drawings and ensure of the best quality of services being provided to you.

Trademark Drawings

Trademark drawings, also called “mark drawing” or a “representation of your mark”. Trademark drawings are required especially when you are filling for your application. They are also the first impression that you show to the market. 

The depiction of your mark is what appears on your registration certificate once the application is processed. The things that are generally considered your trademark are symbols, words, brief phrases, letters, colours, design or an image. 

Few protocols such as font, size, format etc. are required to be followed while the trademark is being submitted for registration. 

We at The Patent Experts have trained professionals who are effluent in drawing and submitting your trademark drawings to various trademark offices with quite some

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